Aliza Ayaz, Pakistan's youngest girl, made a name for herself at the United Nations


Pakistan's youngest Aliza Ayaz is working with the United Nations on the environment and health. Pakistan's talented daughter Aliza Ayaz, a talented Pakistani student from Karachi, is currently projecting a good image for Pakistan. After graduating from Karachi Grammar School, Aliza Ayaz graduated from University College London and is currently pursuing a Masters in Environment and Health. Currently the youngest is a Pakistani who is currently working with the United Nations on the environment and health and is an ambassador to the United Nations.

 In an exclusive interview with Daily Pakistan, Aliza Ayaz said that Pakistan is my beloved homeland and I want to work in rural and northern areas of Pakistan after completing my Masters. Aliza added that there is very little work being done on the environment in our mouths. We have to provide information to the public for this. We all have a responsibility to save the beauty of our country together.

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