Deal has been done by PML-N


Pakistan Peoples Party leader and senior lawyer Aitzaz Ahsan has claimed that the PML-N has reached a deal, the party is debating who will be the prime minister.

Speaking on a private TV program, Aitzaz Ahsan said that the PML-N had given a lot of facilities to the PTI government, they had given assurances to the ruling classes that we would not do anything. He kept making statements against the institutions and also continued to do diplomacy through Muhammad Zubair. During the day he says that there is no talk and at night his people used to leave.

He said that it has been the PML-N's way to retreat on important occasions. The PML-N has reached a deal with two generals. Now there is a debate within the party as to who will be the prime minister. Is decided by

Aitzaz Ahsan said that if there was anyone left in PML-N with polite language then it was Shahid Khaqan Abbasi but there is a lot of pressure on him.

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