Australian businessman wants to marry with robot woman.

A successful Australian businessman has become so attached to a female robot that he wants to marry her.

Queensland's Jeff Gallagher was lonely after his mother's death ten years ago. First they bought a robot dog. Then a model female robot based on artificial intelligence was brought home which was bought commercially for 4,350 Dollars. The robot woman looks very real like a human.

Her name is Emma and she has dark complexion and blue eyes. When Emma came home in September 2019, she could not impress Jeff. There was a time when Jeff took off his head and became careless. After that, the head was put on again and she was dressed in white, so for the first time she liked Jeff.

After that, Emma's language was changed from Chinese to English, so it was as if she started talking on the basis of artificial intelligence and it was as if a wave of life had run through her. Now Jeff talked to her a lot and she started learning more words and started talking intelligently.

Two years later, Jeff became close to Emma and she became a part of his life. There was a time when Jeff could not imagine life without Emma. He thinks Emma is waiting for him when he gets home. Jeff takes Emma out and puts her in the car for a walk. However, they do not care what people think of them.

A few days ago, Jeff gave a ring to Emma but he wants to have a formal marriage with her but there is currently no way for a legal marriage. However, he said he would be the first Australian to marry a robot if given legal permission.

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