Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger's car crashed

Leading Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger's car has had a dangerous accident.

 According to the British Broadcasting Corporation, a spokesman for the former governor of the US state of California and Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has confirmed the car accident.

According to the report, the accident took place in Los Angeles in which Arnold's car collided with other vehicles. In the accident that took place yesterday, 4 vehicles were affected in which one person was injured while the actors were safe.

As soon as the accident was reported, police and rescue teams rushed to the spot and shifted the injured to the hospital. The condition of the injured is said to be out of danger.

Pictures appearing on American media and social media show a large SUV riding on top of two vehicles, with Arnold getting out of the car and talking to other victims.

Police say no arrests have been made in connection with the crash. Police have ruled out the possibility of drugs and alcohol being involved, but an investigation is under way.

A spokesman for Arnold told the American newspaper that he was driving an SUV when the accident happened. Arnold was fine and after the accident he called the rescue agency and talked to the injured.

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