She is 8 years old and will continue to be so even after 50 years

She is 8 years old and will remain so even after 50 years. Why is this girl like that? Here are some facts about it

These are the words of Rahat Falak, a social worker who also takes care of Umm Kalshoom, a girl living in Lahore, along with her mother. Umm Kalshom is a girl who has not only body but also brain as much as one year old Che. In this article we will talk about the condition of this girl and the problems she is facing.

What is the disease of Umm Kalshom?

The girl's mother says that she has seen all the doctors in Lahore. No one knows what disease this girl has. Whenever it is tested, various diseases appear. Umm Kalshom also has a hernia. Also, if you touch it, it feels as if its body is full of water, even its head is very soft, and when you touch it, you can feel the presence of only water inside, which shows How delicate it is.

Umm Kalshom's mother says she has other children who are fine, but her daughter is like an 8- to 1-year-old. Umm Kalshoom eats a little food and plays like a baby. Like little children, she does not feel hungry nor does she ever ask for anything to eat. Umm Kulthum can't even speak.

No money to go out

Rahat Falak and Umm Kalshom's mother say that doctors say that if she had been treated at birth she might have gotten better and if she had been taken to Dubai or another country, her health would still have improved. But they do not have the resources to take their daughter out and treat her.

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