The young man who became a millionaire by selling his selfies made just for fun

Everyone is taking selfies today but you will be surprised to hear that a young man from Indonesia has become a millionaire by selling his selfies. According to the Daily Star, the 22-year-old student's name is Sultan Gustaf Al-Ghazali who has so far earned 10 million $ by selling his selfies. Sultan's work came with the growing trend of NFT, through which people buy digital rights to artwork.

Sultan started saving by taking a selfie every day from the age of 18 and so far he has taken more than 1000 selfies. He turned these selfies into a video, which he named Ghazali Everyday. While making this video, he thought of selling these selfies to NFT collectors.

The idea was just for fun, but he did not have the illusion that it would make him a millionaire. He put his pictures up for auction on the NFT auction site OpenSea and because he knew no one would buy them, he set the price at $3.

A well-known chef bought some pictures of the Sultan from here and posted them on social media where they went viral and hundreds of people went to the Open Sea to buy pictures of the Sultan. "I have not yet told my parents that I have made so much money because I do not have the courage to tell them," Ghazali said.

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