What are the 3 famous names of Pakistan, which now consider India as their country?

There is a lot of information on social media about personalities that are both interesting and unique. But there are stars who were Pakistanis but are now living in India.

Adnan Sami:

Adnan Sami was the most famous singer of Pakistan, who was also famous in India for his unique music. But perhaps Adnan Sami was very much in love with the Indian fans, then he left Pakistani fame and gained Indian fame.

Adnan Sami Bharat also agreed with several policies of the party BJP which has anti-Pakistan rhetoric to gain fame. He was married to Indian citizen Roya Qariyabi in 2004.

While now they are proud to be called Indians by getting married in India. Adnan Sami still remembers the memories told in Pakistan while his son Azan also remembers.

Tariq Fateh:

Tariq Fateh is a Canadian journalist of Pakistani origin who belongs to Pakistan but has left Pakistan due to his controversial ideology.

On the other hand, when he did not get any special response from Canada, he went to India, where he appears in the Indian media as an important figure against Pakistan. Tariq Fateh is in favor of homosexuality, against Sharia law. While they want to take Islam forward as a modern religion in which they are also in favor of many changes.

Aroosa Alam:

Pakistani journalist Aroosa Alam is considered a famous journalist in the world of journalism. Born on May 22, 1955, Arosa Alam is considered a defense journalist who provided news and analysis on defense issues. He is said to have been among those working on the shocking news about the Augusta 90B submarine.

The bride and groom are second to none in beauty. That is why they have so many admirers.

Aroosa Alam is also known for being very close to former Punjab Chief Minister Amrinder Singh and is also known as the former First Lady of Punjab. Although Aroosa Alam is very popular in Pakistan, she has also gained importance in the Indian Punjab, while the Indian media sees her as a Pakistani agent. Despite going to India, she definitely misses Pakistan, because her son Fakhr Alam is in Pakistan, so she can't forget Pakistan.

Aroosa Alam first visited India in 2005 to attend a session on behalf of Sefma where she met Sukhwinder Singh, who was the special guest at the time. The bride then went to India several times and met Amrinder Singh. The bride says about Amrinder Singh and her relationship that she and Amrinder Singh are best friends but there is no love between us.

"We are at a point in life where love and affection do not matter," she says. We are friends and very good friends. We've been living together for the last 16 years. I first met Amrinder at the age of 56 when he was 66 years old. At this age, we are friends, not travelers in search of love and beloved. In the Indian media and in the political scene of Indian Punjab, Arousa has created a storm as she is considered by many to be an ISI agent and is accused of being a Pakistani spy and working for them. 

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