What is the condition of old and famous actor Afzal Ahmed?

Recently, a video has gone viral on social media in which a person is talking with hand gestures. This person is not an ordinary person but the favorite actor of the Pakistani people of the past is Syed Afzal Ahmed.

Sometimes they laugh, sometimes they cry

The man who made the video said that Afzal Ahmed, whose resonant voice was considered successful in TV dramas and theaters, nowadays sometimes laughs and sometimes suddenly cries and every eye sees a person with such a wonderful past crying. Cries out for helplessness

Despite the opposition of the family, they came to the showbiz

Syed Afzal Ahmad was born in Jhang. His family belonged to the Syed family. Educated by Aitchison. He had an attractive personality and because of this he became interested in showbiz. Because the family was religious, the family members opposed it. They left home and returned to the world of showbiz. Then Manu Bhai's play Jazira performed brilliantly. After that, movies started appearing in droves. Syed Afzal has a 35-year film career. He has made two and a half hundred films in Urdu, Punjabi and Pashto. He was credited with innumerable super hit films like Banarasi Thug, Jair Abled, Syed Ha Rasta, Nokro Vehti Da, Sharif Badmaash, Vahshi Jutt, Chen Wariam, Revenge of Oppression.

Afzal Ahmed can no longer understand his point

After which he also performed Hajj and Umrah and became attached to Sufism but then he suffered a brain hemorrhage and paralysis and Afzal got into a wheelchair. Afzal, who has been living in this world of misery for 20 years, is now unable to understand his point properly and is waiting for the help of the government.

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