Why did Salman Khan sue his neighbor?

Bollywood actor Salman Khan has filed a defamation suit against his neighbor Ketan Kakkar at a farmhouse in Panvel, Maharashtra, India.

According to Indian media reports, Bollywood's brother Jan Salman Khan through a lawyer has accused his neighbor in Panvel of unnecessarily dragging his religious identity to the public and defaming him.

The actor's legal team has asked a Mumbai court to remove or block all blasphemous content against him on social networking sites.

According to Salman Khan's lawyer, his neighbor Ketan, while talking to a YouTuber, made derogatory remarks against the actor and slandered him.

According to Indian media reports, the actor's lawyer told the court on Thursday that Ketan, while commenting on his religious identity, accused the actor of being associated with the ruling party at the central and state levels.

He said that Ketan accused Salman of child trafficking and said that many bodies were buried in the actor's farmhouse.

According to reports, Salman, while responding to these allegations through his lawyer, said that without proper evidence, all these allegations are telling evidence of fabricated stories. Why are you tarnishing my personal reputation in the property dispute?

Salman said why are you interfering with religion? My mother is a Hindu while my father is a Muslim and my brothers are married to Hindus. We celebrate all the festivals.

He said that the easiest thing to do nowadays is to come on social media and make accusations against anyone without any proof.

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