Couple arrested for running brothel under the guise of child care center

Valita (Monitoring Desk) - A couple was arrested for running a brothel and human trafficking under the guise of a child care center in the European country Malta.

 According to Malta Today, a brothel in the Maltese city of Mercassacla was raided and interrogation of the detainees revealed that the brothel was run by the same couple, 35-year-old Duncan Cervana and 29-year-old Francesca Cervana, who were in different cities. He was also running 2 child care centers.

Further investigation revealed that the couple was also involved in human trafficking. He used to smuggle girls from other countries to Malta and sell them for prostitution there. Police told the court that Duncan and Francesca used to charge customers at the brothel 50 euros for half an hour and 100 euros for an hour. The case against his wife is ongoing.

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