Now robots will treat strokes and cerebral palsy

The good news in the medical world is that magnetic robots have been developed that can treat strokes and cerebral palsy.

Paralysis or rupture of the cerebral artery is considered a dangerous and deadly disease.

A stroke patient may face two situations, one in which a blood clot gets stuck somewhere and stops the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain, and the other is that the blood pressure rises so much that it causes a blood vessel to collapse. It ruptures and blood begins to accumulate in the brain.

In the first case, a blood thinner is given which cannot be used in any case of brain hemorrhage. The risk of death in such patients is up to 50% and we do not yet have any effective treatment for it. Sometimes only blood clotting medicine is given.

A new study in the medical world has developed a tiny robot designed to stop blood flow in the event of a stroke that can be controlled with a magnet. The robot has been tested on animals with 86% success. Very encouraging result.

In an article published in Nature Communications, Hewon Lee and his colleagues at the University of Purdue have developed a microscopic robot that can clean blood collected, especially in the event of a brain hemorrhage. Experts found that when they were tested on 6 to 7 animals, the blood that had accumulated in their brains was successfully cleared. Among them was a thorny bear.

Hewon Lee said the technology could be a new ray of hope for stroke patients who could save them from death and disability. The next step was to seek FDA approval. 

The special feature of this robot is that it can be operated away from the magnetic field and the blood of the infected patient can be cleaned. The robot rotates like a compass and thus makes way for blood flow.

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