Pakistani-born Zahid Qureshi became the first Muslim federal judge in American history

The appointment of Pakistani-born Judge Zahid Qureshi has set a new record in the United States.

 Zahid Qureshi, a New Jersey district court judge, is the first American Muslim to hold the post, and the first Asian American to sit on a state federal bench.

 President Biden nominated Zahid Qureshi as a judge in April last year, and in June the Senate approved his name with 81 votes to 16.

Zahid Qureshi's Law Career

Prior to assuming the position of District Judge in New Jersey, Zahid Qureshi was an Assistant Attorney in the same state. The attorney general took over.

Zahid Qureshi, a graduate of John J. College of Criminal Justice, graduated from Rutgers Law School with a degree in JD (Juris Doctor) and has been a military prosecutor in the US military for some time.

Zahid Qureshi's father, Dr. Nisar Qureshi, moved to New York from the Pakistani city of Gujranwala in the late 1960s. Until his death in April 2020, Dr. Nisar remained associated with the medical field in that city.

The appointment of Zahid Qureshi as Federal Judge is nothing short of miraculous

Although highly educated, Zahid Qureshi's appointment as a federal judge was nothing short of miraculous. His nomination was made possible by Senator Corey Booker, who himself wondered why no Muslim has yet become a federal judge in the United States. ?

A few months before President Joe Biden came to power, Senator Currie Booker came to New York to attend the ceremony of the American-Pakistani Public Affairs Committee.

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