The solution to the most dangerous epidemic with centuries-old DNA

By analyzing ancient DNA, experts have solved the problem of the source of the world's worst and most dangerous plague '600 years ago'.

The ancient DNA of Beyonc plague victims buried in cemeteries on the old Silk Road trade route in Central Asia has helped solve a long-standing mystery, according to the study. Marked as starting point.

Experts from other regions, including Europe, have claimed after lengthy research that they have solved the mystery of the origin of the plague that plagued the world at least 600 years ago, after which it became clear. The disease has spread from Central Asia to the world.

According to Reuters, experts from other countries, including Germany and Switzerland, found the remains of seven 14th-century bodies found in ancient cemeteries in the Central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan, which were DNA tested.

Of the seven bodies recovered by experts, three belonged to women, and the DNA of their teeth showed that they were part of the 'Bubonic plague', then known as the 'Black Death' epidemic. She died after being hunted.

The study, published in the scientific journal Nature, has led experts to speculate that an epidemic known as the Black Death may have originated in China or ancient India. However, new research shows that the disease has spread from Central Asia to the world.

The report said that the bubonic plague may have spread from Central Asian countries to Europe, Africa and South Asia via trade routes, but scientists did not specify whether it originated in Kyrgyzstan or another country. But the bodies from which the remains were recovered were exhumed from ancient Kyrgyz cemeteries, and the first research on these cemeteries began in 1930.

The bubonic plague, known as the Black Death epidemic, is thought to be the world's worst and most devastating plague to date, killing nearly half of Europe's population and 40 percent of Asia's population. It is said to have started in the middle or end of the 13th century and continued to be present in Europe, Asia and Africa with various changes till the 17th century, killing an estimated 80 million people.

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