Theories about Alien's that amaze you

Scientists and astronomers around the world are trying to find space creatures somewhere. In such a vast universe, there will be life somewhere, so why have we failed to find it so far?

If there is anyone other than us in this universe, then where is he and why have we not been able to contact him yet?

This famous question was asked by Enrico Fermi, the famous Italian physicist who built the world's first nuclear reactor, where are they all?

But no answer has been found so far.

By the way, a large number of those who believe in conspiracy theories believe that flying saucers often land in our world, but their news is hidden.

So today we will also try to find the answer to the question, why we have not yet been able to meet space creatures.

Launched in 2009 by the US space agency NASA, the Kepler Space Telescope has discovered hundreds of planets around our Earth, in our galaxy.

Based on this discovery, it can be estimated that there are at least trillions of planets inside our galaxy alone, and there are billions of such galaxies in the universe.

Assuming that there is life on any one of the 10,000 planets in our galaxy, there could still be at least 50 million possible planets where life should be.

Our Earth, formed 9 billion years after the Big Bang, the biggest explosion in the universe, assumes that life has been born on a planet before us during this long period.

The creatures on this planet have gradually evolved into a modern creature and have developed technology similar to ours or even better than ours.

Although all the technology that exists on Earth today has only come to light in the last 100 years, but let's face it - it took millions of years for this space creature to take its technology to the next level. Until then, this creature should have conquered at least our entire galaxy through technology.

And let's face it, this space creature may have left energy-producing planets in space, or it may have created artifacts that hang in space and are visible to us in the form of twinkling stars and various space phenomena. I am

At that time it was not a difficult task to communicate with such creatures that their emitted signals would be present in space, but still we are unable to find them. But why?

The simplest and most probable answer to this might be that this highly advanced, intelligent and technologically advanced creature has taken control of the galaxy and has artificially created a space silence to ward off any potential enemy. Survive, that is their survival.

But it is also possible that such modern creatures may have perished millions of years ago on their own because the technology they have developed has gone out of their control and destroyed the entire planet.

Or the general idea that the creatures may not be intelligent enough to make such progress, or that we are indeed the only civilization in the universe.

Despite all the progress we've made so far, we've been able to get a little bit of information about just a very small number of planets and stars, so it's possible that we're looking in the wrong direction in our search for space creatures.

Another interesting theory is that space creatures may have realized that life is just the name of a complex system of information for which size does not matter.

Just as the stereo system invented on Earth gradually shrunk and took the form of a modest iPod, so did space creatures move themselves to the microscopic level, in which case our galactic space may be It is full of creatures, but we are not aware of their presence.

Knowing another untouched theory will not be without interest to you.

It is also possible that the thoughts in the human mind are actually space objects. They are such that we see that our physical body dies, but our ideas and thoughts, the inventions on the earth, in the form of books and art, are alive and they have a whole world inside them, an untouched world.

It is possible that space creatures have gone through evolutionary stages and discovered the secret of such survival.

It is difficult to say which of these theories is closer to reality. Maybe we will ever succeed in tracing space creatures, or we may end up with this unfulfilled desire and never know the secret of space creatures.

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